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Health & Safety Volunteer Opportunities

Beth HeringWelcome! I'm Beth Hering, Charity Guide's senior editor for Health & Safety service projects.

In this directory, you'll find opportunities to make the world a healthier, safer place in 15 minutes, a few hours (once, or each week), or during a volunteer vacation.

First, a quick story for perspective: Last year, my son's first-grade teacher spent a few months dealing with a parent dying in another state. It was impossible not to be saddened to watch the physical and emotional toll it took on her. The experience took her away from the classroom quite often, leaving the children unsure from day to day who their teacher would be. It was rather humbling to realize that the illness of a woman we had never met who lived hundreds of miles away was having a direct impact on our daily lives.

Parenthood has made me want to make the world a better place, not just for my child but for every person who is someone's son or daughter — and that is all of us. Fortunately, the flexible volunteer opportunities listed in this directory make it possible for anyone to help. No matter who you are, or how busy your life is, you have the ability to help others.

New volunteer opportunities will be added often, so please check back frequently and tell your friends.

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