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Helping Children Volunteer Opportunities

Jamie LittlefieldWelcome! I'm Jamie Littlefield, Charity Guide's senior editor for child protection volunteer opportunities.

In this directory, you'll find opportunities to make a difference for children in 15 minutes, a few hours (once, or each week) or during a volunteer vacation.

I discovered how much kids need our help when I began teaching at an inner-city school. As the students looked at me from their desks that first morning, their grim faces seemed to say, "We don't need you; we don't need anyone." But, as we got to know each other over chalk and essays, I learned that many of the kids were hurting for help. Some needed encouragement; others an example. Some needed help getting out of a bad situation at home; others needed school supplies or a new pair of shoes. Many needed help dealing with drugs, gangs, and other serious struggles. A few just needed someone to appreciate them.

As their teacher, I tried my best to help those kids. But, I couldn't do it all. I had to hope that people like you would step-up.

The flexible volunteer opportunities listed in this directory make that possible. No matter who you are, or how busy your life is, you have the ability to help. Trying one of these volunteer ideas during your lunch break, in-between errands, or on vacation could make a world of difference to a child in need.

I'll add new volunteer opportunities regularly. So visit this directory often and tell your friends.

Please join me in making a difference for kids. It'll be worth it.

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