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Respect for Your Time

If you are like most talented, busy people...

  • Your schedule is hectic and unpredictable. You'd like to be able to help. But, you can't commit to being available at any particular time each week.
  • Having said that, you recognize that everyone - no matter how busy - has at least 15 minutes per week of discretionary time, as long as the timing can be flexible.

In fact, maybe you've tried volunteering before, but have been discouraged by the experience, because your time wasn't used efficiently. Volunteer Guide will help.

Here, you will find links to a variety of ways you can help - to truly make the world a better place - in just 15 minutes.

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Animal Welfare  
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Community Development  
Environmental Protection  
Health & Safety  
Poverty & Homelessness  

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More Options

Do you have a little more time? How to Make a Difference in a Few Hours provides several ideas for making an even greater impact.

Or, look ahead, by considering How to Make a Difference During a Volunteer Vacation.

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