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Knit or Crochet a Teddy Bear for an Orphan

by Michael Organ
The Challenge

"Teddies for Tragedies" started in 1985 when a group of volunteer knitters sent a batch of teddy bears to orphaned Sudanese refugees who were suffering from tuberculosis. Commenting on the impact, a Sudanese doctor said: "The teddy bears did more good for many of the children than did their medicines." The teddies were such a success that more were requested. Soon after, teddies were sent to Peru, Uganda, Zambia, Jamaica, Armenia, Calcutta, Thailand, Romania, Croatia, Albania, Nepal . . . .

Teddies for Tragedies alleviates some of the stress felt by children when catastrophes occur. Imagine the sadness and confusion felt by a child who has just witnessed a disaster. His toys, school, home, and even family may no longer be around. The child may be shuttling from shelter to shelter, never quite knowing how long he will stay or who may be taking care of him next. A cheerful teddy bear can be a steady friend and a comfort object to a child without much left to love.

Just a ball of wool and needles and a few hours spent on a fun-to-make craft is all it takes to make a difference – offering hope to a child during the bleakest of times.

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Knit or crochet as many teddies as you like. There is no deadline or minimum number. Pattern choices include:

If you can sew but do not know how to crochet or knit, consider making teddy bear bags (instructions are under the “Make Teddies” section). These bright, drawstring bags provide a beautiful “home” for the teddy bears to keep them safe and clean as children carry them.

Please contact info@teddiesfortragedies.org.uk for information on where and how to send teddies. Regions most in need of teddies can vary, and the organization can ensure that your loving gesture ends up in deserving little hands.

Military kids, homeless families, and hospitalized children also appreciate homemade bears. Likewise, firemen and policemen often like to have such comfort objects available to youngsters they encounter who have experienced a trauma. Consider donating your one-of-a-kind works of love to organizations such as:

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