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Security Blankets: Make Homemade Baby Blankets

by Elizabeth Creehan
The Challenge

Security blankets comfort babies in hospital Intensive Care Units. These homemade baby blankets, or "binkies", reduce the stress of long stays, uncomfortable monitors, and strange noises. Homemade security blankets offer stability among chaos and help seriously ill children feel more secure.

As infants grow, they begin to explore the knitted baby blankets with their hands and feet. The patterns and colors provide something to focus on. The textures and warmth even become therapeutic. Something as simple as a warm baby blanket can make a big difference to a sick child.

Some babies require specialized, intensive care for six months to a year and may be hospitalized far away from home, often separating parents. Fortunately, homemade security blankets provide peace of mind to the parents as well. For someone to make a baby blanket for their child offers hope. Plus, it helps their baby to look like a baby, not just a patient.

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To begin making a homemade baby blanket, pick your favorite pattern that fits your level of sewing ability. There is a crochet, knitting or fringed pattern for everyone . . . from beginner to expert.

Project Linus offers free baby blanket patterns. Binky Patrol also offers free patterns for crocheting or knitting security blankets.

Once you complete the baby blankets, you can get baby blanket donation drop-off information from a Project Linus local chapter or send the security blankets to the Binky Patrol national headquarters.

If you'd like to make an even bigger difference, you can organize a one-day "Bink-A-Thon" with some of your crafty buddies. Such an event can produce a large number of blankets in a short time as people of all abilities join together and work in stations to complete buddies.

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