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Promoting 'Volunteering On-Demand'

Charity Guide serves people like you, who seek greater meaning and fulfillment in their life, but who have a busy lifestyle and unpredictable schedule that makes it challenging to commit to any volunteering that requires an advanced time commitment.

That's why Charity Guide is so important, because we are unique in both inspiring and facilitating flexible volunteerism.

Corporate support of Charity Guide goes a long way towards making the world a better place. Charity Guide's overview presentation explains how we help employees with unpredictable schedules to "volunteer on-demand", from anywhere at anytime, in as few as 15 minutes or during volunteer vacations.

Sponsorship Options... with Guaranteed Outreach

Corporate sponsorship options begin at $2,000 per service project, with guaranteed outreach to more than 100,000 potential volunteers. Your donation will inspire thousands of "would-be" volunteers to make a difference.

As a Charity Guide corporate sponsor, you can choose to be affiliated with any one of the hundreds of causes featured at CharityGuide.org.

If a service project for your preferred cause does not yet exist at CharityGuide.org, then that service project can be developed, with your input, by one of Charity Guide's editors, within the guidelines of our mission to promote flexible volunteerism.


To acknowledge the generosity of your service-project sponsorship:

  • your logo will appear on all service-project materials (web and downloadable)
  • your company description will appear in press release(s) that promote the service project
  • your company will be thanked in podcasts and press interviews
  • you will receive permission to reference the service-project sponsorship in your own marketing and public relations

Additional impact and acknowledgement are available for corporations interested in supporting Charity Guide at the Benefactor level ($5,000 per service project). Please inquire.

Next Steps

To choose or brainstorm which cause(s) you'd like to sponsor, please review Charity Guide's service-project directories:

To sponsor a service project, or for more information, please contact Charity Guide's executive director, Michael Organ, at 847-393-3370. Thank you for your interest in inspiring thousands to make a difference!

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